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The Future of High-Rise Buildings; Urbatecture Place



       A geospatial study of more than 35 million pictures that address the spatial distribution of where people take photos used to define the popular places at global level. Interestingly, in those 25 cities studied not even one inside place is recognized among the most popular placed picked by people to take photo from.Then, if we accept that “the social function of architecture is the innovative ordering and framing of communicative interaction” as Patrik Schumacher suggest, then the social function of urbatecture would be establishing and framing of ‘collective memory’ of interior public landscape for having a sense of place.






















Design Concept:



       The design of this high-rise has a direct correlation to its context and settings. The form of the mass and shape of the building is the manifestation of demystification of its location; the city of Dubai. Three generic elements of the city has been pulled to construct the ideology of the building. The ideology of framing a field condition that is concern by qualities between singular particles. First element is density, and it represent the growth in the economy of the city and its word wide image, so its translation to the field condition is positive and creates a sold grid. Second element is diversity, and its translation to the field condition creates voids; the reason is, the population of the city is not all united, but rather divided. There is friction between the native people of Dubai and the immigrants. Unfortunately the immigrants usually go there to work and the job they take are not fair. Most of the time they cannot leave the city till the project is completed. Workers in Dubai are often referred to as ‘slaves’. So diversity was looked at as a social issue, therefore its impact on the field condition is negative, and it subtracts from the grid that was generated by the element of density. Two elements combined generated a field condition called the density of diversity; and it gets extruded up to not only represent but also question the third element of the city, identity. The sole of the city is not what its image is; Most of the high-rises and skyscrapers in Dubai are not fully utilized. Currently the rate of vacancy in office buildings in Dubai is at 50%, but construction of new ones are almost constant.The shredded outcome of the extrusion of the field condition, is meant to signify the concavity inside all those pessimist buildings, through the part to part and part to whole relationship of its Pilotis; which frame the view of the city, and filter the Suns light coming inside through the dia-grid structure; whom which inspires release of tension between the master and the slave. 

Exploded Isometric
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